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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


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The Course Provider

John Bigglestone & Company trading as PPTutor-Online agrees to provide a course of education and training which will enable the student/candidate to succeed at the type and level of qualification undertaken, given that the student/candidate has assured him/herself of the suitability for purpose of the course, and works diligently and conscientiously, submitting relevant work to brief and deadline.

PPTutor-Online agrees to remain an Approved Centre for course delivery, assessment and examination, monitored and verified by Awarding Bodies, for the duration of the student/candidate’s course.

PPTutor-Online reserves the right to refuse admission to any course because of restricted availability of facilities for any other reason which the course administrators deem it necessary to do so. All admission to courses is at the discretion of the Course Director.

PPTutor-Online is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all its students and staff in all aspects of education life to ensure that no–one is discriminated against on the grounds of race, colour, religion, sex, marital status, disability, age, social position or sexual orientation.

PPTutor-Online treats applications from students with disabilities on the same academic grounds as all applicants, taking into account the difficulties they may encounter.

Workplace Assessments

Where workplace assessments are required the student/candidate agrees to undergo one assessment at his/her location and one or more assessments at the PPTutor-Online location.


Students enroling on PPTutor-Online courses are entering into a partnership with the the course providers to further their education and training. Students are expected to take full advantage of the opportunities for learning and study.

Students should satisfy themselves from reading the available information that the particular course they have chosen meets their requirements before commencing the course.

Every PPTutor-Online student must enrol for the programme of their choice and pay the fees appropriate to their course of study. No person shall be deemed to be an enroled student unless:

a) they have completed an enrolment form, and accepted the Terms and Conditions

b) agreed to meet the liability for the relevant fees, where a Sponsor does not meet the liability on their behalf. Liability for fees is incurred at enrolment. If a sponsor or employer is paying a proportion of the fees, this commitment must be made upon enrolment. Details of methods of payment are listed on the course website

* In all documentation "Sponsor" is deemed to include Government Schemes, ELCAS, Local Enterprise Companies, employers or training boards or agencies.

By completing the enrolment form the student undertakes to observe these Terms and Conditions of Study and consents to PPTutor-Online obtaining, recording, holding, processing etc personal data including data of a sensitive nature. Students are responsible for informing the course administrators of any changes to the information provided on enrolment. The student agrees to abide by the course regulations, submitting relevant work to brief and deadline in a form acceptable to the tutor/assessor.

Students must be punctual in submitting the work required by the course. Poor punctuality may have implications for a student's continuance on a course and receipt of sponsorship. Except where absence is authorised in exceptional circumstances, 100% deadline achievement is expected from students.

Students are required to supply their own equipment and materials.

Course Discipline

The work submitted by any student for assessment should be the individual work of that student, except where group submissions are permitted.

None of the following are acceptable and may result in disciplinary action:

Cheating in assessments

Assisting others to cheat

Using any materials (including notes) not permitted in an assessment

Undertaking an assessment for someone else


Colluding with another person to prepare an assessment which should be solely the work of an individual

On learning programmes of more than one year duration, progression to Year 2 (and subsequent years) is dependent on satisfactory performance in the previous year.

All users of the the course and its facilities share a responsibility for safety and therefore there is a need for students:

a)  To take personal responsibility for the safety and health of themselves and others

b) To observe safe standards of behaviour, dress, protective clothing and footwear as required

c) To familiarise themselves with the safety requirements of their course

d) Not to interfere with equipment or materials provided to promote safety and health.

Students/candidates may be excluded from a course if:

  • they fail to submit coursework for a period of three consecutive months,
  • they fail to submit coursework of an acceptable standard for a period of six months, having been given the opportunity to resubmit work previously graded as unsatisfactory,
  • they fail to pay agreed course fees,
  • they act unprofessionally in relation to the course or the profession. This definition of ‘professionalism’ will be determined by the Senior Tutor.

All students will have a right of appeal.

Should a student/candidate be excluded from a course, the fees due are as follows:

  • for a one-year course, exclusion/resignation during the first six months requires two-thirds of the annual fee to be paid,
  • for a one-year course, exclusion/resignation after six months have elapsed since enrolment requires the full annual fee to be paid,
  • for a two-year course, exclusion/resignation during the first six months of the first year requires two-thirds of the annual fee to be paid,
  • for a two-year course, exclusion/resignation after six months of the first year have elapsed since enrolment requires the full annual fee to be paid,

The complaints system is straightforward and both students and employers are encouraged to use it. Complaints are dealt with by a senior tutor and are acknowledged within five working days of receipt and are normally fully answered within fifteen working days. After a further three weeks there is a further letter to ensure the complainant is happy with the outcome of the investigation into their complaint.


Any intellectual property rights arising in connection with any work produced by a student during the course of their studies, shall belong to the student.

Neither John Bigglestone and Company nor PPTutor-Online takes responsibility for the content of their students' websites. Students are made aware that their sites should not contain images for which they do not own the copyright, and that other legal and ethical requirements have been met, but The Company can neither control nor guarantee this.

While on work placements or at The Wharf Studio, students may have access to information held there. All such information is to be treated as confidential by the student and should not be discussed or disclosed, except as required in the fulfilment of work placement duties. Students are forbidden from seeking to access information which is not directly required for the purpose of their work placement.

PPTutor-Online takes its responsibilities under the Data Protection regulations seriously and respects the privacy of its students and staff. It adopts such measures as it deems reasonable, from time to time, to ensure that all data is processed in accordance with the regulations. Any individual may apply for a copy of their information held by the PPTutor-Online (they may be charged a small fee), or to have corrections and amendments made to the information at any time. It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure that the information held about them is accurate and up to date.

To avoid doubt, the same Terms and Conditions of Study (including all current published Policies, Codes and Regulations) apply to all students, including those on placements and/or studying at distant locations.

These Terms and Conditions of Study, together with the Policies, Codes and Regulations referred to herein, represent the entire T&C policy and supersede any previous policies, regulations and codes whatsoever. These Terms and Conditions of Study are correct at the time of going to print, but anyone wishing to ensure they have up to date information should check the course web site.


You agree by accessing these pages that under no circumstances under international or civil, common or statutory law including but not limited to strict liability, negligence or other tort theories or contract, patent or copyright laws, will John Bigglestone and Company be liable for damages of any kind occurring from the use of this web site or any information, goods or services obtained on this web site including direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages, to the fullest extent permitted by law.


All course materials contained within this website are the intellectual property of John Bigglestone and Company and are intended for the use of enrolled students only and may not be shared or distributed between third parties. Misuse will lead to presecution.

Limitation of Liability

Please be aware that there are no warranties, express or implied as to the contracts supplied. These are form agreements that need to be adapted to each legal situation and contractual agreement. They are not a substitute for legal advice and the use of these agreements should be discussed with an attorney in your state for advice for use of these agreements in your state and for use with your specific situation. By choosing to download and use these files and/or agreements you acknowledge that you have read this disclaimer and agree to its terms and acknowledge that you have not been advised by John Bigglestone and Company regarding the use of these files and/or agreements to your specific situation and you waive any warranty, express or implied in relationship to the use of these files and/or agreements. If you do not agree with this disclaimer and do not adhere to its terms, do not download and use these files an/or agreements. However, by downloading and using these files and/or agreements you agree to the terms of this Disclaimer.



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