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Leaving the Military?


The Enhanced Learning Credit (ELC) scheme gives financial support to those military personnel who are about to, or have just, completed their service. It offers subsidy for courses at Level 3 and above at Approved Centres. John Bigglestone & Co., PPTutor-Online, is an Approved Centre, delivering courses in Professional Photography at Levels 3 and 4.

There are two levels of ELC credit; low-tier and high-tier, depending on your period of service. Your Education Section will tell you which level of funding you are entitled to. A Low-Tier will fund 80 per cent of the cost of a one-year NVQ Level 3 in Photography course, or 80% of the First Year of the NVQ Level 4 (you re-apply for the Second Year twelve months later); a High-Tier grant will fund 80% of the cost of the NVQ Level 4 or of the HPD (Higher Professional Diploma) in Photography.

There are no entry requirements apart from your own enthusiasm. You can specialise in any area of photography during the course; landscape, portrait, photojournalism, sports, fashion/beauty or any other form of your choice; that's one of the advantages of the NVQ system.

Because everything is online, you can take the course wherever you are in the world; only at the end of the course do we meet you and see you at work, and that can be timed when you're in UK on leave or on a posting. If you need to pause the course at any time, maybe because of exercises or a posting, that can easily be arranged. 

To apply, consult your Education Section, who will provide advice and the necessary paperwork. Once submitted, your application should take no longer than 21 days to be approved. You will then receive a Course Approval Document which will confirm details of your course, your choice of starting date and your personal contribution towards the cost which is usually 20% of the Course Fee. As all of our courses are Roll-On, Roll-Off (meaning you start when it suits you), you can opt for any starting date.

To complete your application, you need the following information:

Course Title: either Diploma in Photo Imaging Competences NVQ Level 3, Diploma in Photo Imaging Competences NVQ Level 4 or Higher Professional Diploma in Photo Imaging.

Course Provider: John Bigglestone & Co.

ELCAS ID: 1940

Course Designation:

• 7532-03 - NVQ Level 3
• 7532-04 - NVQ Level 4
• 4448-01 - HPD

Course start date:  Roll-on, roll-off, so start when you like but current regulations require 25 working days (five weeks) between application and course start date.

The rest of the application document refers to your personal details.

If any of this is unclear, please just email us at or call on 07850 819219.

We look forward to helping you succeed in your new career.

John Bigglestone FRSA

Senior Tutor