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A Higher Professional Diploma



This Higher Professional Diploma in Photography is a two-year academic course of a standard approaching a foundation degree in photography and is available to students worldwide.

The Scheme 

  • Is designed to meet the needs of responsible work-based full or part-time photographers.
  • Takes account of different patterns of work in the business of photography.
  • Comprises units which can be taken and accredited separately to meet the needs of the individual.
  • Provides the opportunity to acquire professional and management skills, both in the craft of photography and in related business practices.
  • Includes a range of options to provide the opportunity for research and experimentation.
  • Encourages evaluation of the varied roles and skills in the photographic industry, enabling the photographer to plan and select an individual career pathway.
  • Is delivered through the internet by practising photographers and experienced lecturers in the form of tutorials supported by 'live' seminars. Candidates send work by email, and receive assessment, feedback and guidance in the same way. Candidates have unlimited email and telephone access to their personal tutor.

Who Is Eligible?

For full or part-time professional photographers working overseas there are no pre-set entry requirements other than a willingness to work and study, and a commitment to improve their skills and understanding of the business of photography. In order to be able to benefit fully from the course, we ask for a level of expertise which would enable the candidate to work at assistant photographer level. 

What are the Career Progression Opportunities?

The qualification will provide opportunities for candidates wishing to work in:

  • Advertising Photography
  • Corporate Photography (previously known as Industrial & Commercial Photography)
  • Medical/Scientific/Forensic Photography
  • Reportage and Photojournalism
  • Social and Portrait Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Specialist Photography (e.g. research, holography, etc)
  • Photographic Education
  • Management of Photographic Businesses/Units

What is the Course Duration

This is a high level course, and as such, requires considerable study, research and practical photography. The course duration is two years' part-time study; only experienced workers (or perhaps those with previous qualifications or experience) could complete the work in less than that. Students should expect to put up to eight hours per month aside for academic study in addition to practical photography.

When Does the Course Start?

The course is roll-on, roll-off, so candidates can start the course at any time. Being an online course, PPTutor-Online does not adhere to normal college terms, the working year being one of 46 weeks.

How is the Course Organised?

Regular Tutorials

Regular Tutorials, available only to registered students, consist mainly of assignments, usually on a monthly basis. The tutorials give guidance related to one or more of the Units, and offer references and research sources, often through website hot links. Assignments are targeted not only at relevant units, but also at individual students' specialisations, so that those, for instance specialising in wedding and portrait work, are not expected to carry out assignments in a different sphere of photography.

Set Deadlines

At the time of issuing of the assignments, a deadline is set, and assessment outcomes are specified so that students know exactly what is required.

Constructive Feedback

Student responses to assignments are assessed, a mark is awarded, and constructive feedback is given online, usually within 48 hours of the the tutor receiving the student's work. An action plan is ususlly included in the tutor's response, offering guidance regarding future work, research and, where appropriate, work experience.

Qualified Assessors

Assessment is always carried out by qualified assessors with the course as a whole regularly being monitored This sequence ensures the highest standards of quality control throughout the delivery of the course and the assessment of students' progress. It also ensures that, should any student find themselves in disagreement with the tutors (on a matter of assessment, for instance), there is a recognised appeal and arbitration process.
As students gather a body of work and build their folio throughout the course, their contribution towards the completion of the Units is monitored, and any gaps filled with specially-written assignments, until all the course requirements are met, and certification obtained.


 Course Assignments via Tutorials are published in PDF format and are exclusive to this site - copyright PPTutor-Online, with access restricted to registered students. Students are given a password to unlock the course materials but registered students currently without internet access will receive them as hard copy.