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Guidelines for Submitting Work by Email 

At the end of each tutorial project, students can submit their work electronically via email. 

Here are a few pointers to help both you and PPtutor-Online when submitting course work using this method.

  1. All images received via email will be viewed here at PPtutor-Online on a computer monitor. This saves both time and materials - if we were to print out hard copies of your work you may as well have just sent it in using the normal postal service. Therefore all files need to be transmitted at a resolution of 72ppi (pixel per inch) and 800 pixels on the longest side - the standard monitor screen resolution for images. 
  2. Students taking the film option should scan their images to the above resolution. 
  3. Always save your image files in 'jpeg' format (with either a .jpg or .jpeg file extension). This format uses a particular algorithm which compresses the file size dramatically while losing very little image information.
  4. Try not to have too many images attached to one message. Split them up so that any one email is no larger than 5mb. 
  5. Eventually you will build up an electronic image bank of your work. Remember though, when working well computers can seem to run for ever and ever. But it doesn't take much for them to go wrong leaving you without access to your files. Make sure you regularly back up your computer data - to DVD and/or external hard drive, preferably making two seperate copies at a time.