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Level 2 NVQ is designed for those just entering the profession perhaps from school, university or via amateur photography. It will prepare you for work as an assistant and/or will improve your performance as someone working on routine photography, perhaps under close supervision. Typical jobs that level 2 candidates might be involved in include in-store photographers (eg in-store baby portraits in Boots), trainee or supervised workers in record or scientific photography making standardised photographs, or those working at a routine level in film processing houses or digital processing units 

Level 3 NVQ suits those with a reasonable level of basic photography skills but little practical and/or business experience. It is ideal for someone already working in an assistant role, who wishes to progress to senior or full self-employed photographer status. Typical Level 3 posts include scientific/forensic work, supervised product photography, assisting event photographers, employed schools photographers or assistant wedding photographers. 

Level 4 NVQ is for those responsible for their own photography. Usually self-employed either in a full- or part-time capacity, they will be in a position of  responsibility in terms of their work, its organisation, its pricing, its marketing and its quality control. Whilst they have this responsibility, it doesn’t follow that they’re totally confident of their skills and abilities – if they were, they wouldn’t be considering this course! Being a self-employed freelance photographer demands much more than a logo, a letterhead and a business card; to put technical and visual skills to their best use needs marketing, interpersonal and business skills. The Level 4 NVQ helps you to develop those qualities, and offers you the opportunity to demonstrate them and so become qualified and professionally recognised.


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