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The study of photography is not only of its practical applications.


What used to be known (and hated) as ‘theory’ has been re-branded as ‘underpinning knowledge’, and is, as you will appreciate, very important. The underpinning knowledge you need is listed, together with the practical competences, in the pdf supplied to you on enrolment, containing details of all NVQ requirements.

You will gain and reinforce this knowledge in various ways: though the Tutorials to which you have access as registered students, through the course discussion forum  that you are part of (a great benefit of which is that you can talk not only to your tutors, but you can share techniques, problems and solutions with your fellow students - a great way to learn); through the course web site and by your own research. One of the objectives of delivering the NVQ scheme through the World Wide Web is that it will encourage you to study photography and contemporary photographers, partly by accessing their websites.

As course members you have access to the series of Tutorials; each Tutorial can be regarded as a cross between a college lecture and a chapter of a book, and each one deals with an element of photography or photo technique. Accompanying each Tutorial is a project which is designed to determine how well you have understood the concepts dealt with in the Tutorial, and how successfully you can apply them to a practical photographic situation.  You do this by submitting pictures you have made which successfully employ the techniques and skills taught and illustrated in those Tutorials. Your submission is assessed by your Tutor, who awards a grade, highlights its strengths and weaknesses and offers an action plan for you to take forward to the next Tutorial. All Tutors are practising professional photographers and all are qualified to deliver and assess student work.

Towards the end of your course your Tutor will witness your working on at least two occasions; the norm is that one of these ‘workplace assessments’ will take place in your locality, the other at one of our bases. You will be assessed against a list of competences designed by City & Guilds, the Awarding Body; you will have access to this list right from the start of your course, so you will be well prepared. If you satisfy the assessment criteria, you will have passed the course and we will obtain your certificate for you from City & Guilds.

But there’s an important appendix to all this; it is that while we will work hard to ensure your success, you will have to work even harder. You won’t learn everything from our Tutortials; the student is one who studies, and you will be expected to carry out study and research from other sources too.

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