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Copyright of your work is a talking-point; using the 1956 Copyright Act, some colleges used to assume copyright of students’ work, arguing that the ‘employee’ status referred to students as well, giving them (the college) ownership of copyright. Additionally, they would invoke the part of that Act which gave the copyright to the owner of the photographic material at the time; another silly anomoly, which has been eliminated from the current Act. Now, under the 1984 Copyright, Design and Patents Act, the copyright of photographs belongs to the ‘author’, unless they are taken by an employee as part of that person’s employment, in which case the copyright belongs to the employer. Other restrictions apply in relation to news and social photography, but the facts are that, as students, you own the copyright of your work carried out for the course, and we will not reproduce it without your consent. Naturally, we want to show as much students’ work as possible on the course website, and we hope that you will agree to your work appearing there.

Last updated on March 28, 2010 by PPTutor-Online