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About PPTutor-Online

PPTutor-Online delivers online courses in photography leading to valued qualifications.

Four courses are currently offered: 

A Diploma in Professional Photography;  a Vocational Qualification equivalent to Level 2: a one-year introductory course for those working in photography at a basic level, perhaps under supervision, or for part-time professional photographers wishing to upgrade to full-time status.

A more advanced Diploma in Professional Photography; a Vocational Qualification equivalent to Level 3: a one-year course for junior or less-experienced photographers wishing to improve their knowledge and skills with a view to career progression either within an organisation or as independent professionals. The course deals extensively with techniques employed in digital photography, from camera operation through to image manipulation, printing and publishing.

An Advanced Diploma in Professional Photography; a Vocational Qualification equivalent to Level 4:  - a two-year course for those responsible for their own photography. The Level 4 course is designed for self-employed photographers (full or part-time), senior employed photographers (ie those employed by photographic companies, police or fire-service photographers, army, navy or air force personnel) who want to demonstrate that they have the skills to do their job well, perhaps as part of their own professional development. It helps to progress their photography to new levels of technical and visual competence, whilst reinforcing their business, marketing and interpersonal skills. Further advice and instruction on e-commerce and website design and operation is incorporated in the course at this level.

A higher Professional Diploma - an academic course (two years duration), offering the opportunity for deeper study and research into the techniques, visualisation and application of professional photography.

As a PPTutor-Online Student You Will

Learn about the business and techniques of photography, in your own time, at your own pace, without having to attend college or university,

Have 24/7 support from a team of practising professional photographers as you work towards a future career in the area of photography of your choice,

Extend your understanding of all aspects of professional photography by completing projects, set, assessed and marked by qualified assessors, themselves practising professional photographers,

Be able to buy software and equipment at discounted prices.

Discover how to get the best from your current equipment, then tap into the knowledge and experience of the Tutorial Staff to add to or upgrade your kit.

Gradually take on professional commissions, expanding your understanding, improving your techniques and developing your confidence. Successful students are now working in Fashion, Portrait, Landscape, Fine Art, Travel, Sports and Wedding photography, 

By completing the course, become qualified and experienced, or progress to Higher Education.

Enrol now for your future as a successful professional photographer.

If you don't have access to a computer or the internet, you can correspond with your tutors through regular mail. We'll post you the tutorials in hard-copy and you will be asked to carry out the research, the results of which you can post back in the same way.

Additionally, we'll arrange for regular telephone tutorials, and will carry out assessments at locations convenient both to you and us.

The only real disadvantage you'll have is that you won't have unlimited access to the internet forum, but there are internet cafes throughout the country.